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Conservation: Our tendancy ist to restore as little as possible. We try to preserve the pieces as they are, and to prevent further damage, leaving all signs of useage and age..

Restoration: Repairing damages which endanger the art and leaving other damages as they are.

  1. Restoration of furniture, sculpture, paintings Missing pieces are carefully matched, then cleaned, brushed, oiled, and waxed. With difficult work and questions it is worth a talk to our Diploma Restorer.
  2. We also strip and refinish furniture, doors and shutters. Our workers restore for you your old furniture, touch up damage on painted furniture and paintings, gold leaf and sculpture restoration.
  3. We also make custom furniture

Long wide tables have always been a rarity so we reacted quickly to our customers wishes in designing a table with a narrow skirt, and no foot rest for extra comfort. All chairs and tables can be reproduced in a variety of woods.