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  Late Furniture (1850-1920)

Late Provincial Furniture (1850 - 1920)

Because of political and economic changes after 1850 the individuality came to an end. The industrial age with rational methods took over Europe causing a very mixed basket of furniture from neo-renaissance, late biedermeire etc. having been to suit the trend of light and cheery biological living.

Asian Furniture (1850 - 1920)

The chinese furniture is in the simple straight style of the Ming Dynastie (1268-1644). The selection of hard woods such as peach, pear, elm, sandle and ebony were commen. The soft woods were usually gessoed with red or brown gesso in combination with bamboo. The Indonesian furniture is usually heavily carved and done in very weather durable teak wood. Because of the exotic look europeans tend to use this kind of furniture primary outdoors and in wintergarden areas.

Custom Furniture

Long wide tables have always been a rarity so we reacted quickly to our customers wishes in designing a table with a narrow skirt, and no foot rest for extra comfort. All chairs and tables can be reproduced in a variety of woods.
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